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Define: Chrysalis

Chrysalis Is The Development Transformation
Of A Caterpillar Into A Butterfly.

It Is Our Goal To Help Bring Disabled Children
Out Of Their "Cocoon"
Through The Power Of Sports.

What Is The Chrysalis Coin:

Coin With Heart (CWH) is an ERC20 token. It is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and follows the ERC20 standards.

The Chrysalis Coin will be backed by four streams of income. Mining, Investment Fund, Retails Sales & Wholesale and buying/holding CWH.  This will ensure fund availability to support the buy back process and guarantee longevity. 

It is our Ultimate Goal to become the favored cryptocurrency investment by becoming a world renown source of funding for adaptive sports. 

The steps to accomplish this can be found on the White Paper.

Why Did We Create Chrysalis:

Out Of Need. Having disabled children discover their ability through participating in sports is worth its weight in gold. There is no greater reward than a smile of accomplishment and the laughter from having fun. 

To help a child emerge out of their cocoon is priceless.

As volunteers for a ski association teaching disabled kids to snow ski, we have seen firsthand what the lack of funding can do.

So, we decided to do something about it, by creating CWH.  

Coin With Heart is dedicated to the development and funding of sport programs that support disabled children. Since the coin is global, our donations will be world wide. 

Please view White Paper for details.

How It Works, Financial Breakdown:

Stated in the White Paper (coming soon) 90% of the capital generated during the ICO sale will used to purchase mining equipment and allocated for trading. This insures two streams of income for CWH: cryptocurrency mining, & financial trading. The remaining 10% will be used for intensive marketing campaigns, and expenses.

Once the ICO presale is complete, 50% of the capital generated will continue to be reinvested to purchasing  equipment, 30% for donations, 10% buyback reserve, 10% marketing campaigns/expenses.

When the revenue generated from our income sources become  constitutionally substantial the 50% reinvestment will decrease and the donation percent will increase.

All transactions will be completely transparent and will be posted on our Facebook Group .