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Setting Up Your Bitcoin Accounts:

If you are new to Bitcoins it can be a little overwhelming.  When you set up an account to purchase Bitcoin (popular choice is Coinbase) expect to send some identification as to who you are. This process usually takes a few days.

Once you have purchased your Bitcoin, transfer it to a Blockchain account. (Watch Video Below)

Always purchase a little more to cover the transaction fees.

Information Websites

How To Get A Bitcoin Wallet And Buy Bitcoin
(Good Info)

Another Good Site With Lots Of Information!

Current Value of Bitcoin


How To Set Up Your Coinbase Account

(there are lots of videos out there, this is just one of them)


How To Set Up Your Blockchain Account



Only Use Coinbase To Purchase/Sell Bitcoins.

Always Tansfer Funds To Blockchain
-Here's Why

Transferring Bitcoin Is Unforgiving:

If  You Made A Mistake It Cannot Be Reversed.
ALWAYS double check that the first and last three digits are the same when you copied and pasted the bitcoin address.
(This will confirm that you have copied the complete bitcoin address)

MMM returns how to join

Transferring Bitcoin From Blockchain

When sending Bitcoin we have found that the transaction will go through a lot  quicker when you add a little extra to the `TRANSACTION FEE`.

Go to the "Send" tab from within your Blockchain account.

To add an additional Transaction Fee.
Go to "Advanced Send"


We suggest that you double the  Transaction Fee.

BTC .0004488  is shown
Change to .00088

.0004 is about 40 cents
.0008 is about 80 cents

Proceed to  Next Step


Select: Continue with current fee

MMM returns blockchain

Select:  Send


mmm returns from blockchain