How Do I Maximize
My Investment In The Billion Coin?

One of the reasons why TBC is called THE BILLION COIN is because the Ultimate Price maxes out at one billion Euros per TBC coin. So, that means anyone holding onto even just one TBC coin could become a Billionaire, someday. Keep in mind you do NOT have to buy one full coin to get started.

You can buy as little as $50 worth to get started and your $50 will grow at 1-5% per day COMPOUNDED Daily!

Play With The Calculator Tool  to see your earning potential. 

In order to make money through TBC, you need to do the following:-

1) Buy TBC TODAY and hold for at least 6 months
    (you can sell anytime you wish this is just a suggestion)
2) After 6 months start selling a few coins and let the rest grow.
3) Invest In Yourself By Learning More about TBC on Its Website
4) Continue To Grow Your Coin Base & Share with others.

There are only 12 more doubles left within the wealth creation phase of this TBC currency.
But lets take a look at what $100 today can do over the next 12 doubles.

Buy $100

1 $200
2 $400
3 $800
4 $1,600
5 $3,200
6 $6,400
7 $12,800
8 $25,600
9 $51,200
10 $102,400
11 $204,800
12 $409,600

That’s the cap! Buy $100 today and you are capped out at $409,600.
Now That Is A Heck Of A Return. 

In the next 12 - 24 months people will be kicking themselves
for not buying  more TBC.  YOU are already in the millionaires
club if you purchased at least $100.

Plan wisely!
CONTACT US -  if you wish to purchase TBC.

How To Spend The Billion Coin

One of the first and most frequent questions asked is
"How do we get cash out" when we want it.

There are literally 4 ways of getting funds from
TBC into Bitcoin and ultimately U.S Dollars if that's what you
want. There are also other methods of exchanging TBC
for items of value for personal use or for resale.

Here is the list below.
Peer To Peer As You Share the community
with others who want to buyTBC and you want to sell some off to take some profits.
www.weaccepttbc.com here you can exchange TBC for a variety of products.
TBC Yard Sales and stores that accept 30-100% TBC for purchases.

I have personally used number 4 to exchange TBC for Bitcoin
and the process took less than 24 hours.

The list above are just SOME of the resources you can use
to exchange TBC. In the next 6 months there will be a ton more
places and a ton more stores and merchants accepting TBC.